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As a pioneer in the AV-over-IP field, AREC is committed to provide the innovative and newly products to enhance the user's network streaming experience and bring creative AV-over-IP applications.

What Makes AREC So Incredible?

Innovation and Reliable Performance

AREC's AV-over-IP products have earned a reputation for the outstanding innovation and reliable performance, making multimedia applications more productive and smart.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

AREC's AV-over-IP technologies provide excellent audio-visual processing functions, bringing versatility and reliability of networked pro AV applications without distance limitations.

Flexible Design & Easy Integration

With flexible design concept and available APIs, all of the AREC's AV-over-IP stations can be accessed to many functions seamlessly for third party integration.

Affordable and Easy-to-Use

Though relatively professional performance and video quality, pro AV equipment is not always EASY to use. Designed to breaking the entry barriers of using pro AV devices, AREC's products allow users to operate easily and bring versatile and effective AV-over-IP applications.