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AREC Mission

AREC continues to advance our AV-over-IP and integration technologies, aiming to optimize product development and provide innovative solutions. Presently, we enjoy a remarkable reputation for our diverse AV-over-IP solutions and services in various countries and regions around the world.

In addition, our original intention since the establishment of AREC has been to serve with heart and create value together through collaboration with our employees, partners, end customers, and even shareholders. This fundamental principle remains at the core of our operations as we move forward, serving as the beacon of faith and belief within our organization.

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About AREC

AREC Inc. is a global company that designs, develops and sells innovative AV-over-IP solutions. AREC is committed to the integration and appliance of software and hardware, including signal capture and mixing, video/audio codec process, multimedia network streaming, and interactive communication technologies. AREC's products are flexible and used throughout the world and across the wide range of markets such as school education, enterprise training, places of worship, meeting recording, surgical teaching, and government applications.

AREC's AV-over-IP products have earned a great reputation for the outstanding innovation and reliable performance, making lecture capture, live streaming, meeting recording, and multimedia applications more productive and smart. AREC has an senior R&D team with leading technology and years of experience in research, design and production, covering fields like digital video streaming, network communications, electronics, mechanism, firmware, software design and system integration, showing high R&D capabilities of technology integration.

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Through our own brand "AREC", we locate our production base in Taiwan and market our products to Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, Middle East and all global markets, establishing a complete system of distribution channels. System integrators around the world are important partners to AREC for expanding products and services. Through specialization, SI partners of AREC can assist end customers to design, plan, integrate and deploy a complete AV-over-IP system and meet customers' diverse and rigorous professional demands.

AREC commits not only to provide sustainable and complete support and service, but also to take care all employees, partners, end customers and even shareholders with heart. "Serve with heart & create value together" has been the original intention since AREC was established and will continue to be the faith and belief of AREC while moving forward!

Strategy Partner & Alliance

AREC Inc. and EverFocus Electronic Crop are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership aimed at delivering comprehensive security and intelligent audiovisual solutions to customers. Through a well-defined division of labor and leveraging our accumulated experience in respective vertical markets, the collaboration will ensure the provision of high-quality solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients.

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About EverFocus

EverFocus Electronic Corp is a world-class leading provider of smart city and intelligent transportation solutions. EverFocus specialize in manufacturing industrial computers, intelligent surveillance systems, in-vehicle recording devices, and networked audio-video equipment. With years of experience and exceptional technical expertise, EverFocus has a professional R & D team and advanced production facilities to ensure the quality and performance of its products.