MV-01S / MV/01U / MV-01C
ARECare Intercom Box

Product Highlights

  • ARECare Intercom Solution is Limited Area Model Now!
  • ARECare Intercom Solution includes 3 different kinds of I/O hardware for selection.
  • Each model could be configured as Presenter mode or Viewer mode for two-way communication between doctors and patients’ families.
  • Viewer mode supports Android/iOS apps for mobile devices*. Make communication more convenient!
  • Supports one-on-one video conferencing, screen switching, annotation, video playback sharing, recording, automatic backup, and remote management features.
  • Quick integration with existing medical and audio visual equipment in the operating room.

  • *Please contact your sales representative to get more information.


Enhance the Communication Performance and Effectiveness

Through the video communication features, ARCare Intercom Solution can bring fast and effective communication for surgical interpretation, including video conferencing, operation plan, medical image interpretation, etc.

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Visual Communication, Annotation, Recording All-in-One Device

ARECare Intercom Solution is a powerful and innovative system that supports one-on-one video conferencing, screen switching, annotation tool, recording, automatic backup, and remote management features. When the presenter unit calls the viewer unit, just like a video intercom system, doctors can easily communicate and share surgical information with patients’ families who are waiting outside the operating room in a more private way. MV-01 series allows doctors to add annotations when he/she is sharing the screen, making surgical interpretation more clear.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

ARECare Intercom Solution comes with a well-thought graphical user interface that allows medical staff to easily operate, such as video calls, video source switching, annotation video playback sharing recording, and more. During the conference call, it also can share a video playback with the remote side.

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Recording and Backup

Setting as the presenter mode allows users to record and save videos on a connected MicroSD card. It also supports automatic backup and upload of the recordings after their completion to FTP/SFTP servers and can use NAS for remote storage.

Easy Implementation and Integration

ARECare Intercom solution can be integrated with existing audio visual equipment in the operating room, such as medical equipment, cameras, and displays. Users can easily install MV-01S/MV-01U/MV-01C in the operating room, waiting room, or any space where people discuss patients’ conditions.

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