LS-410 Media Station

Product Highlights

  • Versatile Inputs: HDMI, USB (UVC/UAC), RJ-45 (IP Streaming and Digital Audio), Line-in, and Balanced Audio-in
  • Up to 2ch 4K UHD or 4ch FHD Video Sources Capturing, Mixing, Switching, Recording and Live Streaming
  • Up to 4-inputs Sources Capturing and 5 Recording Video Outputs*
  • Support Dante Audio, NDI|HX and SRT Streaming Protocols**
  • PGM Recording up to 4K UHD 30fps with 2TB Internal Storage
  • AREC Online Director: Easily Add Background Images, Overlays and Change Video Layouts in Video Making
  • Supports Overlay PNG Images with Transparent, Opaque, and in Between
  • Available APIs for Software Server Integration


Capture Up to 4 Video Sources from a Variety of Options

AREC LS-410 Media Station offers diverse connectivity options through its newly added USB jack, HDMI, and RJ-45 interfaces. It enables the capture, mixing, switching, recording, streaming, and backup of 2CH 4K UHD or up to 4CH Full HD video sources. LS-410 is compatible with network-based H.264/ H.265 (HEVC) RTMP/RTP/RTSP/SRT, and NDI|HX video sources. In terms of audio, LS-410 supports HDMI, 3.5mm stereo audio, Phoenix balanced audio, USB, NDI|HX, and Dante inputs by 2x2.

feature thumb 1
feature thumb 1

AV Recording with Metadata

LS-410 is capable of recording 1 video channel up to 4K 2160p 30fps, ensuring exceptional quality to meet specific needs. Users have the flexibility to choose between two recording modes: 1 mixed mode (PGM video recording) or 1 mixed + 4 individual input sources recording mode. The recorded files include not only the video content but also metadata, keynotes, and thumbnails.

Available APIs for LS-410 make it easy to deliver all of the data seamlessly for CMS/LMS and center control systems integration.

Backup & Upload Your Recordings

LS-410 can save hundreds of hours of recorded videos thanks to its internal 2TB hard drive. To increase security and user convenience, the station can automatically backup and upload recordings to AREC Media Center, FTP, SFTP, NAS, Google Drive, Opencast, Kaltura, Panopto, and other kinds of servers.

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feature thumb 1

Management APP and Cloud Service

AREC’s hardware system is further optimized for hybrid usage via software options and API. To manage multiple devices conveniently, AREC offers the Station Manager software tool and a reliable public cloud service called ARECloud. Moreover, AREC extends its support by providing NAS VOD software, a user-friendly solution that enables easy video content sharing for small to medium-sized organizations.

Intuitive and Versatile Control Options

AREC LS-410 supports a wide range of control options: web-based Online Director (Chrome, Edge), touch-friendly Graphical User Interface, Mini Controller for Mobile Devices, physical control buttons, and RS-232/TCP commands among others.

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feature thumb 1

Real-Time Assistant in Video Making

LS-410 streams mixed video to up to 2 platforms simultaneously, such as YouTube, Facebook, and other live broadcasting websites. AREC inbuilt tools like Online Director allow users to be in control of their video recording/streaming in real time. It lets users easily switch and mix different sources, add or remove logos, backgrounds, overlay graphics, and text titles for live production.


Model Name AREC LS-410
Max. Video-In channels 2ch 4K UHD or 4ch FHD
Video Input Interface** HDMI*2
RJ-45*2 (supports IP streaming: up to 4 channels) ¹
Note 1: Supports network H.264/ H.265 (HEVC) protocol: RTMP/RTMPS/RTP/RTSP, NDI|HX, SRT(push). The RJ-45 ports can support AREC network cameras, compatible with 3rd party network cameras, encoders, streaming sources via IP streaming
Audio Input Interface** 3.5mm Stereo Mic in *1
3.5mm Stereo Line in*1
Balanced audio-in with a 6-pin Phoenix connector*1
RJ-45¹ *2 (Supports digital audio inputs )
Note 1: Supports network protocol: RTMP/RTMPS/RTP/RTSP, NDI|HX, SRT(push), and Dante 2x2
Video Encoding Resolution Max. 4K UHD (640x360 ~ 3840x2160). A variety of resolution can be selected
Video Outputs for Local Display* HDMI*1 for loop out (Max. 4K UHD, HDMI2 loop through)
HDMI*1 for preview (Max. 1080p, PGM with graphic user interface)
HDMI*1 for display (Max. 4K UHD, single source or multi-source monitoring or PGM)
DP*1 for display (Max. 1080p, single source or multi-source monitoring or PGM)
Audio Outputs for Local Use 3.5mm Stereo Line out*1
Local Storage 2TB 2.5” SATA ⅢHard Drive
Locally Stored File Format MP4
Recording Modes* 1 mixed + 4 individual original
Backup and Integration FTP/ SFTP/ Opencast/ Panopto/ Kaltura/ AREC MediaCenter/ NAS/ Google Drive
Live Streaming (RTMP) 2
Video Switcher Yes, through AREC Online Director (web-based and desktop applications)
USB Interface Control Yes, on-screen GUI supports USB interface control
Mini Controller Through mobile web browser and wireless connection for manual controls
Touch Interface Control Yes, on-screen GUI supports touch interface control. To achieve touch control, please using with a self-prepared touch display
Video Manager Yes, through web-based AREC Video Manager platform
Group Management Yes, through ARECloud
RS-232 Control and HTTP Network API Yes

*When switching to 1080p50/60, 2160p30, and HEVC modes, there might be some function restrictions.
**The SRT feature will be available through a firmware update. Please reach out to your sales representative to confirm its availability.