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Created by: AREC / Area:Taiwan / Completed on : 2021/10/15

AREC Assisted New Taipei Municipal Yonghe Junior High School to Build up Smart Campus

Yonghe Junior High School used AREC Media Capture Solution, which makes lecture capture easier than ever. Principal Zhong pointed out that the students in sport talent classes often participate in competitions, it was inevitable that they missed classes. To ensure that they could make up classes, the school had installed AREC equipment in each sport talent classroom, allowing students to take care of their expertise and schoolwork at the same time.

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To provide crystal clear audio and video, the classrooms were equipped with EverFocus network cameras and USB omnidirectional microphones. The video source will be delivered to a KL-3 series Media Station which can mix, record, and stream video sources in Full HD quality. Like all AREC devices, the Media Station is designed to be user-friendly. Lecturers and students can easily operate it without any technical background. After class, the system will automatically upload videos to designated NAS. Students can watch lecture videos anytime and anywhere.

Teacher Ren, a Chinese language teacher, said it was difficult to schedule classes because some students went to competitions. Even if they tried to make up lessons before exams, the students' learning effect was still limited. Thanks to the AREC Media Capture Solution, not only teachers can arrange classes normally, but students can also learn lessons easily through VOD cloud service. Students on the women's basketball team said that with the system, they could use their mobile phones or computers to attend classes online at home, and they could also watch videos repeatedly.

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In addition, AREC Media Capture Solution can also be applied to large venues. For example, many school events take place in the gym, such as basketball games and tournaments. To stream such events, the school required powerful and user-friendly equipment. AREC Media Capture Solution can satisfy the school request. Two cameras were used to record lecture videos in Full HD. With the omnidirectional ceiling microphone, the school could make sure all events are recorded and streamed in crystal clear quality.

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