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Created by: ADENA Limited / Area:Senegal / Completed on : 2021/11/29

AREC in Senegal Medical Simulation Centre

The following article is provided by our partner ADENA Limited. Thanks for sharing this case study!

We are excited to share a case study from the Medical Simulation Centre of Cheikh Anta Diop University.

LCS Technodidac (ADENA's partner in Senegal) designed a multifunctional recording and live streaming practice surgery room that is now used by the university to train future medical workers of Senegal.

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Cheikh Anta Diop University is one of the biggest higher education institutions in Senegal and in West Africa in general, with about 60,000 students enrolled. It is known for its diverse range of programs, including various medical disciplines. This year the university decided to improve the training facilities for aspiring surgeons and announced a tender to outfit more than a dozen practice surgery rooms with top-of-the-line AV technology for recording, streaming, and visualization of medical and educational content. Our Senegalese partner LCS Technodidac proposed AREC solution and the university, satisfied with its performance, agreed to install it throughout the medical simulation center.

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The main element of AREC solution for the university is LS-300 Media Station - it is a 3 channel device capable of mixing, switching, recording, streaming, and backing up all audio and video material. One of the defining features of this station is how convenient it is to use - users can control the system in any way that is comfortable for them. In the case of the medical students in the simulation center, their preferred way of control is via the interactive graphical user interface or GUI for short. This method gives students access to all main features, including changing layouts, editing their video live, initiating recording and streaming, taking snapshots, exporting complete videos to USB drives and even allowing them to control cameras’ PTZ movement just by using a standard computer mouse.

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In terms of video sources for the station, the university uses CI-T21H auto-tracking cameras - these are professional PTZ cameras with IR tracking technology, ensuring that users don’t need to operate the cameras manually. To provide a different perspective, sometimes one of the cameras is swapped for A-VC01 VersaCam - an HDMI and USB camera with auto-framing and 4K mode. Depending on the lecture requirements, medical readings are either recorded from a connected computer or from medical devices directly.

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Having fully met their expectations, the university now plans to set up AREC systems in other facilities of the medical department. Are you also looking to install a professional recording and streaming solution for your institution? Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.