AREC Launches New Free Cloud Service to Centralize Management and Monitoring of AREC Media Stations

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  • Completed on:2021/07/09

AREC Inc. is rolling out a new cloud-based service that will help customers to conveniently monitor and manage all AREC Media Stations from one place and take an important step toward cloud service in AV-over-IP market.

The cloud platform, called ARECloud, is not only free of charge, but it also can provide centralized management and 24/7 monitoring of your AREC Media Stations in real-time.

ARECloud also supports batch recording control, which allows you to start/stop recording with multiple Media Stations at once. If an error occurs, you will be notified immediately by email, so that you can troubleshoot problems as soon as possible.

One more new feature is scheduling. With ARECloud, whether a single course or a weekly recurring lecture you want to record, the Media Stations are able to automatically start recording at the scheduled time.

ARECloud is a powerful and useful tool, and it can be seen as your remote control center. There are many practical features waiting for you to try out. To know more about ARECloud and to view the introduction video, please visit: ARECloud Platform

About AREC

AREC Inc. is a global company that designs, develops and sells innovative AV-over-IP solutions. AREC is committed to the integration and appliance of software and hardware, including signal capture and mixing, video/audio codec process, multimedia network streaming, and interactive communication technologies. AREC's products are easy-to-use and across the wide range of markets such as school education, enterprise training, places of worship, meeting recording, surgical teaching, and government applications.