Congratulations! AREC Wins 2020 Smart Taipei Innovation Awards

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  • Completed on:2021/03/24

The 2020 Smart Taipei Innovation Awards ceremony was held in Taipei City Hall on March 19th. The Awards are comprised of 1+7 categories. Two AREC’s solutions, “Distance Funeral and Memorial Ceremony Solution” and “Smart Campus with Pro AV and AIoT”, were announced winners in the "Smart Government" and "Smart Education" categories.

The High Distinction Award:
AREC Distance Funeral and Memorial Ceremony Solution

The Excellence Award
Smart Campus with Pro AV and AIoT

At the award ceremony, Mayor Ko Wen-je said that in the future, Taipei City Government will adopt "services buying" way, and it will encourage that the government and private companies can work together to find convenient solutions to keep change and innovation happening to bring better life for citizens.

Mayor Ko Wen-je personally presented the awards and specially mentioned that the "Distance Funeral and Memorial Ceremony Solution" was his most impressive project today.

The mayor said, this is a great case that the government put forward the demand and the private company proposed a solution to solve the problem together.