MS-650 Media Station
(for Remote Communication)

Product Highlights

  • Real-Time Interactive Function with 2-Way Visual Communication for Distance Learning
  • Up to 4 Full HD Video Sources Capturing, Mixing, Switching, Recording and Live Streaming
  • HDMI, VGA, RJ-45 and Streaming Inputs
  • The 1ST Generation AREC Online Director: Easily Switch Visual Sources and Change Video Layouts in Video Making
  • Available to Broadcast Your Mixed Video to CDNs
  • Built-in 1TB Hard Drive Storage


Achieve 2-Way Real-time and Interactive Communication

Working with the same AREC MS-650 media station in the 2 remote classrooms, a real-time interactive course can be achieved with 2-way communication for distance learning without adding any video conference equipment.

feature thumb 1
feature thumb 1

Capture Up to 4 Video Sources at the Same Time

MS-650 supports capturing up to 4 video sources through HDMI / VGA/ RJ45 interfaces* at the same time, it is compatible with network cameras, laptops, PCs, digital microscopes, wireless microphones etc. With audio support, MS-650 can mix audio via HDMI, 3.5mm stereo and AREC wireless microphone.

Built-in Hard Drive Storage and Online Director

With 1TB built-in hard drive, MS-650 not only stores hundreds of hours recording videos but also enhances the overall efficiency. Besides, MS-650 has built in online director that is used to control and monitor the cameras’ field of view, image source switch, image layout switch, audio mixer etc.

feature thumb 1
feature thumb 1

Broadcast Your Mixed Video

MS-650 can stream mixed video to 1 popular platform, such as YouTube, Twitch and other live broadcasting websites.


Model Name AREC MS-650
Max. Video-In channels 4
Video Input Interface HDMI*2 / VGA*2 / RJ-45*4
Audio Input Interface 3.5mm Stereo: 2 channels;
Wireless Mic: 1 channel;
HDMI: 2 channels
Video Encoding Resolution Max. 1080p (640x360 ~ 1920x1080). A variety of resolution can be selected
Video Outputs for Local Display HDMI*1 / VGA*1
Audio Outputs 3.5mm Stereo line out: 1 channel;
HDMI: 1 channel
Local Storage 1TB 2.5” SATA Ⅲ Hard Drive
Locally Stored File Format MP4
Recording Modes 1 mixed
FTP Backup Video files can be stored automatically to FTP server after end of recording
Live Streaming (RTMP) 1
Video Switcher Yes, through 1ST generation web-based AREC Online Director
RS-232 Control Yes
2-Way Interactive Communication Yes, supporting KS-650 to KS-650