Medical/Surgical Training

AREC AV-over-IP Solution can support medical institutions to provide multi-sources medical or surgical training video easily. Through AREC Media Station, healthcare organizations are able to stream or record live surgical video or surgical training lecture for students to learn the details with multiple resources. In addition, the recorded surgical video can be the important video materials for medical seminar using.

Easy to Create Multi-Sources Medical/Surgical Training Video

AREC Portable KL-3WT Media Station can support up to 3 Full HD video sources capturing and mixing. With this feature, Tutors can use AREC KL-3WT to record a series of professional videos with multiple sources for nursing, surgical processing or medical seminar use.

feature thumb 1
feature thumb 1

Case Study: Chang Gung University of Science and Technology

Improve the Quality of Professional Nursing Training

Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, with its top notch professional school of nursing programs, has partnered with AREC to implement AREC’s solution to be utilized in simulated nursing professional classrooms to improve the quality of training. Students’ training processes can be recorded completely, and it allowed the teacher and themselves to check every detail in the video to improve the quality of professional nursing training.