Enterprise Training

With AREC AV-over-IP Solutions, enterprises can easily record all the training materials prepared by managers or lecturers, including presentation slides, camera video, lecturer’s voice, and even the learner’s view and voice. Using video as a tool, it is not only easy to learn for new employee training or advanced sales training, but it also readily saves on the travelling expenses of delivering the same materials and courses.

On-Demand Video: Enhancing Learning Outcomes

AREC Media Capture Solution + VOD Platform

For different scenarios and application requirements, AREC Media Capture Solution combines an appropriate AREC Media Station, Auto-Tracking System, PTZ camera, VOD Platform and related accessories to provide the most flexible and effective solution for your organization or business needs.

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AREC MeidaCenter Video-in-Demand Platform

Coming with AREC Media Stations and AREC MediaCenter, users can store, edit and manage your recording videos in a central video library after automatic uploading from AREC Media Stations.

Platform Partners & Integrations

In addition, AREC Media Station can work with a number of publishing platform partners, such as Opencast, Kalture, and Panopto, to provide advanced AV-over-IP Solution for enterprise training and other vertical applications.

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One-Way Real-Time Video: Extend Digital Learning beyond Room Walls

AREC Media Station + AREC DS-X01 Playout Station

Coming with AREC Media Station and AREC DS-X01 Playout Stations, it's easy to share live training course by streaming high quality video in real-time for enterprise training. With this solution, users can broadcast an important live content to multiple locations and learners simultaneously.