AREC Solutions provide enterprise multiple audio visual services, including staff training, meeting recording, online live steaming, and video on demand. Through AREC Audio Visual Solutions, enterprise can easily record the whole training, meeting and event completely. It not only grabs remote users’ attention easily, but allows them viewing online at anytime, anywhere.

Benefits and Features

  • Using video as a tool to support new employee training. Videos can provide the important and basic information for easy to learn.
  • Capture high-definition training video with diverse sources, such as lecturer’s auto-tracking video, presenting content, and product details video, making employee understand the detail more easily.
  • Coming with compatible Conference Microphone System, AREC PTZ cameras, and AREC Speaker Tracking Station, the whole AREC Speaker Tracking System enables all of the meeting participants to see the close-up view of the active speaker and a customized graphic together on the local screen clearly.