Distance Learning

Today's technology offers many options for educators and students about eLearning, which differs from the traditional classroom learning environment. Educators can start to think about and choose a new approach that can be a catalyst for positive change in your classroom. AREC provides several options for distance learning as below:

On-Demand Video: Enhance Student Learning

AREC Lecture Capture Solution: Record and Stream Your Lecture Content

AREC Media Station + Auto-Tracking Camera + AREC MediaCenter

AREC Media Station supports multiple Full HD video and audio sources capturing, mixing, switching, recording, and live streaming for users to produce a creative video easily and efficiently.
Coming with AREC Media Stations and AREC MediaCenter, users can store, edit and manage your recording videos in a central video library after automatic uploading from AREC Media Stations. With AREC Media Capture Total Solution, it becomes easy to deliver video content to a wider audience, whether live or on demand, locally or remotely.

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One-Way Real-Time Video: Extend Digital Learning beyond Classroom Walls

Display Video Sources from Anywhere

AREC Media Station + AREC DS-X01 Playout Station

Coming with AREC Media Station and AREC DS-X01 Playout Stations, it's easy to share live course by streaming high quality video in real-time for schools and enterprise training. With this solution, users can broadcast an important live content to multiple locations and students simultaneously.

Two-Way Real-Time Communication: Connecting beyond the Classroom

MS-650 Media Stations: Achieve 2-Way Real-time and Interactive Communication

AREC Media Station + AREC DS-X01 Playout Station

Working with the same AREC MS-650 media station in the 2 remote classrooms, a real-time interactive course can be achieved with 2-way communication for distance learning directly.
With AREC MS-650 Interactive Solution, the students in the remote classroom not only can get the lecturer’s video and audio clearly through live streaming, the entire interactive course also can be recorded simultaneously with multi-camera angles.

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