Digital Signage Broadcasting

Advancements in digital audio-visual technologies and internet
communications bring brand-new façades to campus broadcasting.
In addition to voice announcements for public address, video
services are just clicks away and can be directed to specific classrooms
with selected digital contents. Effective communications and efficient
management services have finally become reachable en masse.


Effective Management of Classes

AREC Digital Signage Broadcasting entails flexibility and variety to campus broadcasting. Capable of directing broadcasts of selected contents to specific classrooms, school learning has never been so multitudinous and creatively imaginable.

Simple Wirings for Flexible Installations

Installation of the AREC all-in-one Media Station both allows individual classroom to select specific lecture videos and acts as the best tool for digital audio-visual broadcasting. Multiple functions by the same equipment greatly simplify all the potential chaos of multi-system installations.

Featured Products

Media Station Management Platform

AREC Media Station Management Platform manages all the Media Stations within the school campus or the corporation, providing public broadcasting, lecture capture and video on demand service.

Media Center

Complete with exclusive video optimization technologies, AREC Media Center offers users with smooth display and stable system.

Media Station

Featuring a compact and all-in-one design, AREC Media Station is the most flexible, versatile and efficient product currently available on the market.