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AREC Media Station with Compact and All-In-One Design

AREC Media Station's powerful processor can simultaneously capture, mix and record multiple 1080p sources and stream out 1 mixed movie to share it with a wide audience.

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Lowering the Barrie of Entry for Multi-Source Live Broadcasting

AREC Media Stations are built on lowering the barrier of entry for using professional, AV broadcasting related devices. With the combination of network communication, intuitive user interface and all-in-one product design, AREC media stations can support every user to enjoy making and delivering high quality videos without any professional skills.

Capture Multiple Video Sources at the Same Time

AREC Media Station supports multi-source capturing through HDMI / VGA/ RJ45 interfaces* at the same time. It is compatible with network cameras, laptops, PCs, digital microscopes etc. With audio support, AREC Media Station can mix audio via HDMI, stereo audio jack and AREC wireless microphone.
*Supports DVI and component video cable inputs with appropriate DVI to HDMI or component to VGA adaptors.

Achieve Multi-Source Live Streaming

AREC Media Station provides multi-source live streaming to broadcast the live image and voice of an on-going lecture or event on YouTube, Facebook, UStream, Twitch and other live broadcasting websites, allowing any participant to attend at any location in the world.

Multiple Recording Video Files

AREC Media Stations provide 1 or 2 recording modes (depending on the models), including mixed mode and mixed plus original sources mode. The mixed mode requires less storage space and network bandwidth. It can also be immediately watched when streamed. The mixed plus original sources mode provides 1 mixed video and multiple individual synchronized source videos for flexible post-production use.

Real-Time Assistant in Video Making

AREC Online Director and new tablet app* allow users to switch and mix between multiple cameras and digital content sources. It supports control and monitoring the cameras’ field of view, adjusting audio volume and streaming setting etc.
* “AREC Action!” is free to download (available on iPad).

AREC Video Manager: Your Videos Just One Click Away

With the built-in video manager, administrators or teachers can manage videos stored in the local Media Station remotely. They can download, upload or delete a video. Via system administration platform, users can access the system settings through the Internet.

Built-in Hard Drive Storage & Backup

Equipped with 1TB hard drive, AREC Media Station not only stores hundreds of hours recording videos but also enhances the overall efficiency (depending on models). To satisfy different requirements, AREC Media Station supports automatic and remote FTP backup to keep the recording safe.

Quick Comparison Table

AREC Media Stations
Spec/ Model KS-2 LS-300 KL-3W MS-550 MS-650 KS-710
Max. Video-In Channels 2 3 3 4 4 4
Audio Inputs 3.5mm Stereo; AREC Wireless Mic:; HDMI
Resolution Max. 1080p (320x240 ~ 1920x1080) A variety of resolution can be selected
Local Storage Support USB drive external storage only 1TB 2.5” SATA Ⅲ Hard Drive 1TB 2.5” SATA Ⅲ Hard Drive Support USB drive external storage only 1TB 2.5” SATA Ⅲ Hard Drive 1TB 2.5” SATA Ⅲ Hard Drive
Max. Recording Vide Files at Once 1 mixed+ 2 individual original sources 1 mixed + 3 individual original sources 1 mixed + 3 individual original sources 1 mixed 1 mixed 1 mixed + 4  individual original sources
Overview Lite New in 2017 Built-in WiFi Module, New in 2017 Basic 2-Way Interactive Advanced