AREC Auto-Tracking Cameras and Auto-Tracking System

AREC Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras and Auto-Tracking System utilize AREC's motion-sensitive and smooth tracking technology, ensuring that presenter is always in close-up, even if that person turns back to the audience or walks back.

AREC Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras

AREC Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera is a professional-grade high quality PTZ camera that also can track a moving presenter automatically while shooting video. Combining a high-performance pan/tilt/zoom camera, compact design and AREC’s excellent motion-sensitive tracking technology, AREC Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera is ideal for lecture capture or meeting recording, and is easy to move and work between meeting rooms.

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AREC TP-100 Auto-Tracking Mount

AREC TP-100 Auto-Tracking Mount, compatible with diverse types of video cameras, can automatically pan/tilts camera to follow a moving lecturer, keeping him/her constantly in frame while shooting video. With AREC’s motion-sensitive tracking technology, AREC TP-100 provides superior smooth movement even in close-up shots, just like a professional cameraman control.

Automatic Tracking and Hands-Free Control

During an event, lecturer or speaker needs to be free to move around in every direction. AREC Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras and Auto-Tracking System, adopting AREC’s motion-sensitive tracking technology, makes tracking automatically and precisely. There is no interference from any other moving people. AREC’s tracking technology also provides flexibility, enabling uses to move and use the device between meeting rooms freely without complicated setting.

  • Able to start/sto automatic tracking while turning on the positioner’s power, without complicated setting
  • Enable to move and work between meeting rooms freely
  • Working with AREC media station, the positioner can become your wireless microphone to record the presenter’s voice
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Product Models

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